PARGAS is a leader in heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions.

Engineering Pargas with the aim of expanding the activities of the engineering building, the after nearly three decades in the field of design, calculation, implementation, operation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical residential, office, commercial and industrial, design, and oversight To be completed and operated with the full consent of the employers

Chiller and VRF refrigeration repair

Our expertise in the field of maintenance and services of thermal, refrigeration and electrical installations, installation, repair and especially maintenance of residential, office and industrial buildings and towers, hotels and high-rise buildings, hospitals and industry, including equipment, shock chillers and screws Compression, absorption chiller, centrifugal chiller, hot water boiler, hot water boiler and refrigeration, consumer hot water tank, split, duct split and air conditioner and cooling tower and packages and lighting and power installations and pool and control equipment. The special relations of this company with the top Iranian and international brands in the field of facilities with having specialized and committed personnel in the field of maintenance


Air cooled chiller typically have a lower instant and maintenance cost than water cooled system. It does not require a cooling towers condenser water pump and piping also need smaller mechanical room and associated condenser water chemical treatment system. Pargas air cooled screw chiller are reliable for outdoor installation with the overall protection class of IP54, all chillers are designed and manufactured for medium- sized as well as large projects both commercial and residential .

Order chiller parts and packages

Delivery of all parts according to order


Pargas engineering team and completed projects

Maintenance of special refrigeration equipment
Building maintenance SERVICE
Repairs and installation
Execution of installation project

Overhaul and reconstruction of chiller and refrigeration package

Freon gas recovery

Design, manufacture and sale of water cooler and air cooler

Design and manufacture of high quality compression chillers based on world-class knowledge and domestic manufacturing

Warranty and after-sales service of chillers with two-year warranty and ten-year service

Reasonable price with standard equipment

Freon refrigeration Cold Room

Above zero - below zero

Design and construction, installation of cold storage

Refrigerator service and maintenance

Immediate cold storage repairs

Design, manufacture and sale of hygienic air conditioner - air washer - zent

Design and manufacture of high quality conventional and hygienic air conditioners based on world-class knowledge and domestic manufacturing

Warranty and after-sales service of chillers with two-year warranty and ten-year service

Reasonable price with standard equipment

rotary and reciprocating compressors, repair and maintanance

Repairs of all types of compressor brands

Specialized repair of freon and air screw compressors

Compressor repairs with original parts

Maintenance and overhaul, installation and maintenance of cold water coolers and air coolers

(mechanical refrigeration system (CHILLER

Overhaul of all types of absorption and compression chillers and centrifuges

Chiller system service and maintenance

Complete and standard repairs with modern equipment by experienced people

VRF System

System design and installation

System service and maintenance

Immediate system repairs

Sales representative of refrigeration and control equipment Hanbell

Carrier Compressor Sales

Hanbell Compressor Sales

Representation of chiller control


The key to our success is a team of experienced engineers and technicians

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